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Why should you walk on glowing coals?

People who have never walked on glowing coals will probably ask themselves these questions: what do I need this for? What is the point and use of walking on glowing coals?
There may be many answers to these questions, and these answers would be different for each of us.
Some people do it out of personal motivation, the others seek to prove themselves what they are capable of and find out that possibilities are limitless and everything can be possible. A few people view this as process of spiritual development. Many people associate walking on glowing coals with essential changes in their life or giving up bad habits (I’ll give up smoking, I’ll live a healthy way of life, etc.)
As you can see, the answers are various. They depend on how fair you are to yourself and how keen you are on seeking personal or professional goals.

Instead of listing the reasons why you should walk on glowing coals, I would rather name a few reasons why you shouldn’t do it.
You shouldn’t walk on glowing coals if:

  • You don’t have any goals and don’t want to reach anything;
  • You don’t like an incredibly firm confidence in yourself and sense of self-worth;
  • You don’t want to release and manage inner energy hiding in you;
  • You aren’t ready to change your life for the better.

However… It’s not true!
You are ready to reach your goals.
You want to reinforce your self-confidence and release your boundless energy.
You are determined to change for the rest of your life.

An experienced instructor will help you make the first step, and you will become the strongest human being accompanied by huge success!

žarijos, firewalking, fire-walk, firewalk